Alan Schussman

Hey @jack are you still super happy with your ROCK? Any issues emerging? My NUC has a tiny bit more fan noise than I would prefer, which disappears as soon as anything is actually playing. I’m thinking of putting ROCK on it but should probably stop tinkering and just enjoy it.

Here’s a new thing.

(I’m just forcing an update to enable indieauth!)

Okay, media endpoint, what has screwed you up today?

Speaking of pens, @aleen, I assume this Purple Reign is like the Bat-signal, but for pens and hardwired right into your heart?…

Anybody have good javascript to embed and show mentions from on a static page? I’m experimenting and want to compare it to

Hey, indieweb-gang-ateers? Is there a best practice for posting replies to a reply? Do they go against the reply or against the original post? I found the indieweb page on reply threads but it doesn’t sound fully adopted/implemented.

My conference proposal is that all conferences should have a place to sit down with half a dozen puppies.

Any video game folks in our corner of micro world? I just started playing Into the Breach and feel the need to gush and geek out with somebody.

I got pretty blissed out on Alto’s Odyssey in zen mode last night. I didn’t screenshot in time, but saw perhaps the most beautiful single game image I’ve ever seen, skiing past a waterfall at sunset (sunrise?), the blue turned to glowing crimson in the light. Amazing.

Great spin ride this morning. I’m trying to figure out if my knees are getting less achy after hard workouts while on this Whole 30. Not sure.

As far as I’m concerned, this is now the official trailer for Solo: Solo: A Star Wars Story - Sabotage Trailer Re-Cut - YouTube

Good timing! @kaa (MB lost the image in the first post, so trying again…)

Lots to do lots to do, OH, Alto’s Odyssey is here… morning evaporates

This little Subaru had better be able to fly itself home from the shop when all this work is done.

Only hyperventilating a little at the cost of this Subaru repair.

Today’s breakfast was good, gang.

Description: Black coffee; white dish with potatoes and beets, topped with fried eggs and slices of avocado; on a steel countertop.

We’ve had this frenetic goofball for two years now.

Description: wide-eyed black lab mix puppy looking up from her back, tongue poking out.

I’m one week in with using @patrickrhone’s method: drawing my coffee cup each morning as a prompt to start putting something in my notebook every day. It works!

Damn. Peace, John Perry Barlow.…

I haven’t shared a sunbeam pup photo in a while.

Description: black lab-like pup curled up on a tile floor with her head in a sunbeam.

Kiddo is home sick today so I’ve rescheduled some meetings and set up to work at the dining room table, while thinking and knowing how tremendously privileged I am to have that flexibility.

I am not angry, Internet, just disappointed, that nobody told me there are new albums from Calexico and The Shins.

New tools. I happily blame @aleen and’s notebooks gangsters.

Description: blue notebook, grey fountain pen with green cap, and an orange empty coffee cup.

Is there a word for when you have to reboot for software updates, but have a ton of terminal tabs with a month’s work of personal project history in them that maybe, just maybe I’ll need someday?

Hey knowledgable iOS dev folks: On a self-signed app w/o paid dev account, is there any way to extend the profile expiration past six days? This is just a dumb personal tool and it’s kind of tedious to re-install it weekly.