Alan Schussman

I am not angry, Internet, just disappointed, that nobody told me there are new albums from Calexico and The Shins.

New tools. I happily blame @aleen and’s notebooks gangsters.

Description: blue notebook, grey fountain pen with green cap, and an orange empty coffee cup.

Is there a word for when you have to reboot for software updates, but have a ton of terminal tabs with a month’s work of personal project history in them that maybe, just maybe I’ll need someday?

Hey knowledgable iOS dev folks: On a self-signed app w/o paid dev account, is there any way to extend the profile expiration past six days? This is just a dumb personal tool and it’s kind of tedious to re-install it weekly.

Me, reading email this morning: “February second? That’s so far away when even is February oh my god it’s now?!”

It was a good sunrise today, after a solid morning workout!

Description: pink clouds and blue sky above trees on the horizon.

The view from yesterday’s lunchtime walk.

Description: meadow with ponderosa pines at its far edge, and the San Francisco Peaks visible through a break in the trees.

Today’s dog posture: loving her new bed but being a little too big for it.

Description: black lab-like dog curled up in a colorful dog bed that is at least one size too small.

Last Saturday post-workout breakfast burrito and cappuccino for a while, because some jerk* signed me up for a Whole 30.

  • Me. I did this to myself. I have no-one else to blame.

I adore the mahogany color I’m getting from this coffee lately. Tastes delicious, too.

Description: espresso in a bright green cup.

Espresso in portrait mode — not too bad!

Description: espresso dripping into a green mug.

Evernote really wants me back, apparently, and the unsubscribe link in their email just goes to the signup page. Oops?

Today’s dog status: perched.

Description: black lab-like dog at the top of a staircase. She sits with her front legs on the step below her hind legs.

So, my dentist just replaced an old filling using a CO2 laser. No anesthetic necessary, and the whole procedure took less than 20 minutes. That’s a pretty good deal for someone like me with lots of dentistry anxiety. Still a little sweaty, though.

I suppose I’m interested in a HomePod, to more easily put a speaker in my living room and use as a HomeKit hub. But I don’t want another thing that looks like a space station. I want it to look like my little Tivoli radio.

Gluten-free pizza dough: Rising!

(To the extent that it rises.)

~ Description: Pizza dough in a glass bowl on windowsill.

Thanks for not mentioning yesterday, Watch.

Hello. This puppy is in Alert Mode this morning.

Description: black lab-like pup sitting on dark painted stairs.

Good morning.

~ Description: pink and blue sunrise with light clouds, dark pine trees in the foreground.

Note to self, vim keys (still) don’t work in Lotus Notes.